Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's your opinion of Selling Information.

I have been contacting companies like crazy over the past week or two, trying to get up some Giveaways for my dear readers (yes! you, silly). And although I believe that this certain company (confidential) may still work with me, I'm not quite sure.
They asked if I mind giving them the info of my readers. At first, I thought, no big deal - she's a female, middle-aged, two kids, blah blah blah. Wrong! I asked the person what information they were wanting, exactly, this way I knew. They asked if I would get phone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, etc. I said "I typically prefer not to give out the entrants information. However, I can make an Extra Entry available for the entrants to subscribe to the Newsletter." Fair trade, I believe. I receive a free product, they receive a review and subscribers (whom may or may not purchase products from them in the future). However, I am still waiting for a response to that last e-mail that I sent. It seems as though the person went to lunch and never came back.
Now, although I am going to be hosting my FIRST sponsored giveaway soon, please do not assume that the giveaway is from the same company that I am writing this post about. I'm sorry to say, but you'd be wrong. (Actually, I'm glad to say that you'd be wrong.. I like the company I am reviewing for). As I said earlier, I have gone company crazy in the past couple weeks trying to get companies to allow me to review for them. And although I still hope to review for this company in the near future, I want you all to know that I will not give out your information (unless you're the winner of a giveaway).
At any rate, I don't feel that it would be professional (as a blogger) nor would it be right (as a consumer) for me to give/sell/provide this company with my readers' personal information.
How do you feel about this matter?

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