Thursday, January 28, 2010

Excuse me, but what did you call me?

I was waiting for my class to start yesterday evening, when this guy sat down at the computer beside mine. *Smile*
HIM: "Hi, how are you?"
ME: "Fine, thanks for asking. Yourself?"
HIM: "Doing good, thanks."
No big deal. I don't attend the Main Campus, I go to the smaller campus closer to where I live. Very small. Basically the same people everytime I'm there. So this was nothing new to me. Small town = nice people - typically.
One of my friends show up, she's in the same class that I'm in, which is in the computer lab where every college student gathers until my class starts. I start telling her about how I'm so excited that I'm hosting my first company sponsored giveaway! (Because I really am thrilled!!!)
The man, obviously listening says to me: "What all do you do for the companies?"
ME: "I receive a product from them, use it, review it, and give my opinion."
HIM: "That's all?" (He didn't say it rudely.. just sounded surprised).
ME: "Basically. I mean, there's a lot of time put into the whole thing, but that pretty much sums it up."
HIM: "Soooo.. you're a kinda like a bum."
ME: "Huh? I do a lot of work for the products that I receive! Where do you work?"
HIM: "Dollar General. But what I'm saying is that it's kind of lazy that you don't do anything other than that."
Hold up! Did he really just say that I'm a bum AND lazy?! You're kidding, right? This guy doesn't know me at all; how could he assume things like that? Alright, just stay calm. You're here for college, not to get tangled in with idiots.
ME: "I'm not sure that I understand why you'd say I'm being lazy or being a bum. I work for what I receive; I spend a lot of time working for what I receive."
I'm a full-time student; full-time fiance and home cleaner. Joshua uses our only running vehicle through the day to get back and forth to work. What am I supposed to do, walk from the top of the mountain (where I live) to town everyday? (about a fifteen minute, mountain road drive). Seriously?
HIM: "I'm just saying, you're working from home, it doesn't seem like much. Seems sorta lazy. Seems like you bum off of these companies is all I'm sayin'."
ME: "As I already said, I work for what I get. I enjoy doing what I do. I'm not a bum, nor am I lazy. Working from home doesn't make a person a bum, it shows that they're capable of responsibility. I could wake up, lay around and watch tv all day until it's time for class. Instead, I wake up, clean the house, contact companies and post reviews."
My teacher walked in to announce that anyone that wasn't in our class had to leave because class was starting. He got up, nodded at me, and walked out. So much for the nicer people at smaller campuses.

I must admit, I never understood completely how much of a hassel SAHM's get until today. I'm not even a mom, just a pre-adult trying to get through college and yet I've already began to experience the trouble that comes with blogging.
I enjoy blogging, I like working with these [very awesome] companies. I love meeting all of you, my great readers. No matter what other people may say, I think that this is a fantastic hobby and I have no plans of quitting.


  1. That is unbelievable!! I would have been tempted to smack him. Just because someone works from home or is a mom at home doesn't mean they don't work their butts off! What a jerk to even go there....UGH!!

  2. wow. Thats all I have to say. wow. and How rude!