Friday, January 15, 2010

Chocolate Heaven!

Later tonight, my parents are going to a Christmas Party! (Yes, it's the middle of January). Their neighbor (my parents' BEST friend) has grandchildren, which she hasn't had since before the holidays. So she's kept up her Christmas Tree, left stocking hung high, and been waiting for tonight for a long time! So my mom a Chocolate Heaven!!
This pie pan of yumminess is just that - YUM!
My mom baked some choclate brownies, cut off the tops of the brownies and replaced the tops with chocolate pudding, then placed sprinkles on top. But then.. uh-oh!! What to do with the tops of the cupcakes?! Can't let them go to waste!! Soo, she poured some chocolate pudding in a pie pan, placed the tops of the cupcakes on the pudding, then put some more pudding on top of the cupcakes.. and don't forget the sprinkles!
And there you have it: Chocolate Heaven!! (If you ask me, atleast..)
Aren't I lucky that she needed someone to give the cupcakes to? Mmmm. My own Chocolate Heaven!

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