Friday, January 29, 2010

I've seen better days..

Joshua, my cousin, and myself were headed home today. The roads were a little icey, but we figured that we'd try. Remember, I'm from Fort Myers, FL; no wintery road experience.
My poor poor car isn't use to this stuff, but it tried. We made it all the way down the VERY long road home and got to the big hill. I tried. I tried hard. My car couldn't make it. So we figured I'd drive us to my parents' house. Wrong again. My car couldn't make it back the way we came. So, I called my daddy and told him that we couldn't get anywhere. We were sitting at a store; couldn't get to the house and could get to my parents' -- just basically stuck. Daddy to the rescue!! He got out his 4x4 to come save his Babygirl.
My poor car is now sitting at an old country store near the house. Unfortunately, my Valentine's Swap goodies are in the car. I'll get them out as soon as I can get to my car, promise. We're expected to have 6'-10' of snow. BLAHH.
I'm now at my parents' house. Gosh I love being here! Although today wasn't terrible, I've seen better days.


  1. Wow, I'm in Ohio and I'm imagining your whole experience vividly. Hope the weather gets better soon for you!!

  2. Jerrica you sweet little thing... thanks for letting me know about my snowed in package! I'm excited that you mailed it out! *:D* My husband is off tomorrow so I can mail it out then! Sorry it's taken me a little while... I SOOO hope you love it!