Monday, January 11, 2010

Cupid's Blogger Swap - Partners Announced!

I have e-mailed all of the participants of the Cupid's Blogger Swap and announced who their partners are! So, if you're a participant and did not recieve this e-mail, please check your spam.
After you have shopped for your partner and picked out all of the goodies for them - send out your package (deadline to send package - February 1st, I will e-mail everyone to remind them). Remember, $20 spending limit, not inluding shipping.
I encourage you to e-mail your partner, get to know them.. Visit their blogs, follow them. Don't just make this a one time thing - make a friend. I hope that you all enjoy this swap as much as I hope to.
Below, there is a linky available. I ask that once you have recieved your package of goodies from your partner that you take pictures and post them for everyone to see.. then, link the post to this site.

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