Friday, January 8, 2010

Aloha Friday #3

In Hawaii, the people use Friday as a day of relaxation. So, curtesy of An Island Life - I will do the same. Every friday I will post one question, and you can answer it here. Then, after you answer the question - post a question on your blog & take the day easy!

What is your favorite aspect of the blogsphere?

My Answer:
I like getting to meet new bloggers. I enjoy blogging with people and trying to figure them out based on what they write. It's incredibly hard. I wouldn't ever judge the person if I had the chance to meet them in real life, based on my opinions, but it's fun, either way.

Now it's your turn to answer.


  1. how quickly communication can spread, of course that can also be a bad thing. It's nice that people are actually documenting their life and events. It will be great for their family. Happy Friday

  2. My favorite thing is working with companies to spread the word about their business. I love the sense of community too :)

  3. I love meeting someone in Russia! I mean how else could I get to do this. So yes, I love meeting people all over the world.

    2nd. I love the giveaways. I might not win, but it's fun to chance it.

    I also love that I get to see products being reviewed before goign to look at them at the store.

  4. meeting people from everwhere and reading all the neat and funny things they write!