Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is it just me, or does that seem wrong?

I was reading a fellow bloggers post "Term Papers For Sale!" - Wait! What?
Seriously? I always thought that buying papers for school was a joke, just something to laugh about.
Okay, okay .. back to the reading part. I coudn't help but to feel that this person was actually encouraging college students to BUY their term papers!! Come on, I'm in college and I know this is wrong. Wait.. Is it wrong? I suppose if you put out the money because you don't have the time.. then maybe?.. NO! It's wrong. If you're a college student, make time for your work - plain and simple. I'm a freshman at Chattanooga State and although my life is busy from time to time, I wouldn't buy a paper! Worse comes to worse, I'd just talk to my professor and let them know about what's going on and why it may be a tad bit late - maybe it'd be okay. But I wouldn't buy someone else's work!
Uhg! I suppose that what bugs me is that I know that companies look through your files and want to know if you beat the other students' scores and such.. and knowing that, I want to outbeat the other students.. Obviously! But then I find out that I probably can't outbeat the person next to me because that person paid some professional to write their paper for them. However, if it came down to it - I could beat the student but I can't outbeat the student and the paid essay! It's very frustrating.
Why encourage people to cheat? You live in America, right? Right. So why encourage the next President or next Governor to be a complete idiot that can't even write a single paper?! You say that you want "A better tomorrow" - so if that's true.. encourage hard work because that's what will bring a better tomorrow - don't encourage stupidity; there's enough of that as it is.

What are your thoughts of buying papers?
Have you ever done it?

Please do not let my writing influence your answer - I really want to know the truth. Maybe I'm thinking to harshly?..

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  1. I personally think it's insane. On top of that, it's completely illegal with most teachers giving you an F immediately if they find out. I know that at a couple of schools a person can even get expelled for such behavior. I don't know, I just don't see the point. I figure, worst comes to absolute worst a paper won't get turned in.