Saturday, January 2, 2010

No Stranger Sunday

Yes, I am aware that today is not Sunday. :) I'm just getting ready for it.
I am starting a new meme, I suppose that's what it's called?.. I'll host it here, every Sunday.
It's called No Stranger Sunday.

What will happen?
I will interview bloggers. Each week, I will post the interview on my blog.. allowing you to get to know the Blogger a bit better. And there you have No Stranger Sunday.
This may be a big blogsphere, but there's no reason to not have friends on it.

Any way to promote my interview?

As a matter of fact, there is. (Thanks to the very smart idea of Twin-Spiration.) If I interview you, I will make you a button. It will look just like the one to the side. I will link the button to the post that contains your interview; therefore, no two buttons will be the same. I will then send you the code for your button. This way, you are able to place it on your sidebar and show that you've been interviewed. (That gives you and me both more traffic to our sites.) There are a few different phrases to choose from, and even colors (i.e. "I was interviewed on No Stranger Sunday. Come Take a Look OR Come Take a Peek OR we can talk about a phrase of your own, but not guarenteed). The words in black can be changed to a different color, but not the meme's actual words.

How to Join?
Simple, if you're interested in being interviewed and featured on my blog, please e-mail me at jerricapuck(at)yahoo(dot)com and put Interview Request in the subject line. Otherwise I will assume that it's spam.
You can also sign up by leaving a comment below, however, you MUST include your e-mail address; even if your profile shows your e-mail address, please place it in the comment.

What This Does?
This allows other bloggers to get to know you. Maybe not personally, but on a better level. This will also increase your blogging buddies and may even increase your followers. :)

I look forward to this new meme and hope that you all take advantage of it.

Sign up! :)
I am not compensated for any No Stranger Sunday posts. These posts are posted to help bloggers meet other bloggers. It is soley for the enjoyment of my readers.


  1. Hi Jerrica...I think that's a great idea. I love reading about other bloggers and "getting to know them" a little bit better.
    I would love to be a featured blogger. My email is

    Maybe you could create a "featured button" blogger that someone could use to direct the people from their page back to the blog that was about them. That would generate more traffic for you as well. I know when I have seen those types of buttons on peoples pages, I instantly want to go to that page and find out how to become a part of it. Just a thought...even though I know you weren't asking for them. LOL
    Have a great day!

  2. That's such a wonderful idea. I actually saw this post last week, but I was in a hurry so I didn't leave a comment. I would love to do this.

    ashley_c_014 at hotmail dot com

  3. I would love to be featured on your blog!
    My blog is
    I write about parenting, my 2 toddlers, and host a ton of giveaways!


    Thanks so much for the oppurtunity!!


  4. Hi Jerrica! What a great idea to host blog interviews. I follow Natalie's blog and I think it's great. I found her blog through a Friday Follow. My three girlfriends and I started a blog together last spring. We just post about the 'stuff' happening in our lives. We are always interested in ways to make our blog more interesting. We would love it if you would take a look and tell us what you think.

    thanks, Cathy

  5. i would love to be interviewed for you blog and be featured!
    please email me -
    thank u

  6. i would love to be featured - i have several blogs - i blog about my struggle to lose weight - dog training.