Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mindy McCready!

I don't know how many of you watch Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinksy.. but my sister does! She loves it. She was just telling me about how Mindy McCready was on it and talking about how her mom use to beat her and how her mom has custidy of her son (so he's going to get beat..)... blah, blah, blah!
I know her mom, personally. When I lived in Florida (only 3 years ago, mind you), I went to [un-named Church] and Mindy's mom [once again, I'll leave un-named.. I don't know what all I'm allowed to say]... She was my Wednesday bible school teacher AND Sunday School teacher! She (Mindy's mom) use to throw get togethers [pool parties] for any of the people at the church so that the kids were all in a safe place - not doing drugs! She even let us stay the night, many times! Mindy's mom is a FANTASTIC woman! It really hurts to know that Mindy is saying such incredibly terrible things about her!
Maybe Mindy was abused as a child, I don't know. I wasn't there. But I do know Mindy's son. He's not abused! He is in a wonderful, loving home - something that Mindy could have never given to that amazing child!
I recently went to Florida for a small vacation, and visited Mindy's mom to tell her thank you for everything that she'd done for me. She use to always say "God has a call for you, and is going to do something good for you in your life!" I mean, she's a wonderful woman! Mindy said on the show that her son is having to go through "the same things" that she did whenever she was a child because her mom has custody of her son. Mindy couldn't be more wrong. It's the complete opposite, in fact. If it weren't for this wonderful woman, Mindy's son would be going through exactly what Mindy is going through right now. He would be forced to watch his mom in rehab and see his mom slump down in this society, lower than a mother should be. If this boy were with his actual mom (Mindy), I would hate to see the life that he was handed. Luckily, Mindy's mom lent a hand to Mindy (and her son) and has taken this wonderful boy in - just as a Heaven Sent grandma would do.
And not only do I know Mindy's mom, but I've also met Mindy, several times. She even came to the church and signed a t-shirt for me (which I still have). I can't believe that Mindy is talkng such terrible trash about her mom!
For those of you whom are my readers, I'm sorry that you are [seeing] me this way. I don't like to get upset, truly. I do my best to stay calm in all situations. But this, as you can tell, has really hit my heart. I know this family. I have for many years (about 8 years - about 2/3 of my life). And it hurts me to hear what Mindy is saying about her mom. Mom's deserve respect. Parents deserve respect.

Mindy, if you read this, and I hope that you do.. Take the time to try to remember me. My name is Jerrica Puckett, I attended the church that your mom use to be a teacher at. I'm not sure if you can remember past all of your drunken nights and stupid parties, but try... Okay. Now hear me out: I couldn't be more appalled of what you have said in regards to your own mom. Any respect that I've ever had for you is so much more than gone! I use to look up to you, I loved your voice, I loved your smile. I even told your mom that I wished that one day you would let me do a duet with you.. Really.. I admired you. But now, I've grown up; unfortunately, you have not! I see what you are now. You don't deserve the WONDERFUL mom that you have! I truly wish that you could have a better relationship with your mom [for your sake & your mom's sake, and most importantly, for your son's sake]. Maybe it's good that you are in rehab, too bad that you'll never be fixed - you can't make ends with the past if you're version of the past is a lie. You have become someone so trashy since I first met you and I can't believe that I [ever] looked up to you!!
I was not compensated in any way. This form was soley for my venting about a celebrity lie!


  1. Wow! How sad. I watched part of the show the other night (and have taped it to watch the rest). I love her voice too - she is incredibly talented. I hope she can get herself squared away, and hopefully make amends with her mother.

  2. This is to Jerrica

    How can you say anything about her? WERE YOU THERE? Maybe her mom has changed for the better. But Since most people show a great outward side who are you to say the mom at home was not different? My mom was a SAINT in public and called me a fat pig and beat me on several occasions. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. So get down off your high horse and YOU GROW UP! FOOD FOR THOUGHT---A SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER KILLED A SMALL GIRL FROM TRACY CALIFORNIA LAST YEAR- So thats proving just because she teaches about the lord does NOT mean she follows the good book- Thanks Madi B

  3. Madi B - as posted of Anonymous,
    I know that I wasn't there. I state it in the post - and I quote "Maybe Mindy was abused as a child, I don't know. I wasn't there..." BUT I do know that he child IS in a good home. I'm not nieve, I understand that people don't always show their full selves in public; most people don't. But I know her mom, a lot better than you can imagine. And I know that she's not a bad person. Therefore, when Mindy went on tv and started bashing her mom for "how she still is" (which is how Mindy said; that her mom HASN'T changed", it made me very upset. I'm sure that you know less about this whole thing that you want to admit and therefore, maybe you should check into a full situation before ranting with your opinions.
    As I said, I know that I can't be sure of what happened to Mindy whenever she was a child, but I know a lottt of her sons childhood - I was there for years. I can admit that I don't know everything, but can you admit that you don't?
    I appreciate your comment, but maybe you should revise it.

  4. FIRST,

    as a child abuse survivor, im so disappointed in you. My mom went to church. My mom volunteered and my mom also had flaws.
    You can not know what went on in that home. Many people loved my mom and would say the same thign you did. The problem of what you are doing is that you are chosing sides instead of understanding that people and situations are complex.

    Who is to say that there has to be a bad person in order for what Mindy says to be true. Just pause with that. Just pause and think that her mom could be a complex fragile good, damaged person. My mom was. She was good and she also let me be abused and knew about it.

    This is the thing that happens to ALL abused kids who tell the truth. Most people who allow their kids do appear normal and are in many ways.. but its that fact that lets abuse continue. Don't fault people who speak their truth. What if it were yours. Shes not bashing her mom, but shes telling her truth.

    Its not yours, its hers, and don't call someone a liar when you truely dont know their truth. You know her mom, yes, but her truth, her relationship with her mom, what went on in her house, no.

    Be a supporter of them both.

  5. I'm sure your church group would be so happy you are calling a child abuse victim a liar publically with no proof at all. What would Jesus do... You and the pope i guess.

  6. Jerrica good for you! This is YOUR blog and you have the freedom to say whatever you want. You may rant and rave to your hearts content. If people have a problem with that, let them go rant and rave on their own blog. It's funny how people can watch something on TV and act like they know so much then tell a person who is right there in the middle of it, going through it, that they don't know what they are talking about! So funny!- Shannon

  7. Dear Jerrica, Thank you for your comments concerning me. I am Mindy's mother and she was not abused. Mindy has talked this way about her childhood because she does not want to grow up and take responsibility for her own choices. We have let her tell her opinions of the way she saw her childhood until we saw her say she had been hit with belt buckles, and so on... and there was blood down her legs. This is not true. She said Zander was in a abusive place and on another show she thanks us for the way we care for him.

    We speak directly to her about this and she tells us we do not understand television and the way they cut out parts and she says she did not say what it looks like she said. We know better, and we still love her. We quote the bible and say when you lie, you bring fire into your life. Mindy has brought so much fire in her life. We thought bottom would have been a long time ago, but we all have identity crisis in our lives until we experience an awakening in Christ. Mindy is in denial, and a rehab show that does not identify the true problem can not fix the problem.

    I was not a perfect mother and I made many mistakes. I have 4 children, and now I have custody of Mindy's little boy. I do not think any of us have all the answers, but we learn and improve. He is loved and given our very best, and we are hopeful Mindy will someday get him back, and give him her best. My husband and I have been checked out by the state of Fl. Child Protection Team, and Mindy's little boy is not in an abusive home.

    Mindy is staying with us now to visit Zander for the first time since Christmas. We face her with her stories about her childhood, and her lack of respect and honor for her parents. She has many excuses, but they are just that. Being an adult does not always mean we have grown up. Her choices have gone beyond learned behavior, as we have heard her explain. Sometime in our life, they must become our choices.

    Jerrica, I thank you for your kind words about me and I feel bad that you had such a hard time defending me. I am so proud of you and what you have become. You have very good discernment, and a good heart. God has called you and you keep your head up, for you are a blessing. I love you and thank you for remembering me as your teacher. I cried as I read this, and I pray God will continue to bless you. Love Gayle

  8. Gayle,

    I could never forget you! You had a huge impact on my life and were always there for all of us kids.

    It made Jessica and I both cry to hear what was said on that show and I felt that it was only right to speak what I knew.

    I'm glad that Mindy was able to come and stay with you all and I hope that you're all doing well. I also hope that Mindy can get her life straightened out; if it made me & Jessica cry to hear what was said, I'm sure it was hard on you.. and as a grown up, she should take those things into consideration.

    Also, thanks for commenting and showing that I knew a little more than people had thought. Now they're able to hear your side as well, which I believe is important.

    Gayle, I love you and hope that all is getting better. Please know that you're always in my heart and that I appreciate everything you did for me! :)