Thursday, January 5, 2012

About Me

First things first, my name is Jerrica and I am the author of Something To Talk About! I have found that blogging creates a new world for me, full of friends and a heaping amount of information. I started this blog back in July of 2009, looking for giveaways and freebies, and I found an enjoyable new passion - who would have thought it?

I am a 21 year-old, Stay At Home Mom. However, before I was a mom, I was an Assistant Manager at a local shoe store. I enjoyed my job - the people coming and going, the constant 'on-the-go' feel of retail, all of it. I am a people person, to the core. Although things are totally different now that I am a SAHM, I am incredibly happy with myself and my life.

I live in Dayton, Tennessee, a small town where you can count on seeing the same people at Walmart atleast twice a month, rather you know them or not. My husband and I moved here, from an even smaller town - just over the mountain - when we had our first daughter. We now have a small apartment and are figuring our way through this Big Bad World.

I have been married to my husband since March 12, 2011. I met Joshua when I was a Senior in high school ; he helped me deliver stuff to students & teaches one day and we've had a connection ever since. He is the backbone in our marriage and believes in all that I do, even when I doubt myself. He is even the reason that I have taken on new crafting ideas.

We have one daughter - Aliya - who was born in July of 2011. I never knew how much love I had in me until I was given the opportunity to give it to this precious little girl. Now that she is here, it is hard to imagine a time before her. She is an incredibly fast learner and I await all that she has in store for me as her Mom.

We also have a puppy - Emma Lou. She is a terrier-mix and is full of energy. Just give her the chance and she will run circles around you. She tries to play with our daughter (which is too young to 'play' just yet) and is ever-so-gentle with her.
My blog is a combination of personal posts, product/service reviews, recipes, and many things in between. I do not blog to a particular demographic - this allows many different opnions, personalities, and conversations to come about on my site.

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