Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pain in the Pot.

Last night, Joshua and I were up watching Criminal Minds almost the entire night.. It was a marathon. YAYY! (Goodness, I love shows like Criminal Minds, NCIS, etc..).
At any rate, Joshua decided that he would make us some grilled cheese and soup. I wanted tomato soup; it just doesn't seem right to eat grilled cheese with something else.
He went to the cabinet.. NO TOMATO SOUP?!?! Oh mann!
Then he found tomato sauce. Well, that can't be too different, right? Wrong.
We tasted it. It's much more salty and sour(ish) than tomato soup.
So, we decided we'll search Google to try and find a recipe for tomato soup using tomato sauce. We find a ton. But none of them are normal. They have wierd vegetables and herbs.. Nothing like Campbells creamy soup. I just wanted something yummy, not fancy.
We keep looking. Finally, something sounds about right.
16 oz Tomato Sauce
24 oz Milk
1 tsp Salt.
Eh, I'm nervous though. Salt? Did these people not taste the tomato sauce? Oh well. We'll try it - minus the salt. Uhggg. It was still too salty.
Now, let me explain something - my dad is a chef. We use to get invited to places just so that my dad would take over the kitchen. Seriously. I'm talking Weddings, Family get-togethers (no, not our family), group meetings, bar-b-ques.. Everything. So I'm no stranger to salt. Salt & Garlic are my two favorite cooking saviors! But dang. This stuff was too salty even for me.
We just couldn't make the soup work. Although Joshua liked it -- it still wasn't even remotely good to me. So I settled with two grilled cheese, extra cheese.
We tried. But to me, it just didn't work.
Either way, Joshua was my personal chef last night, a pleasant change. Thanks, Sweetheart.
Next grocery trip, buy ALL of the Tomato Soup!

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  1. My mom and I watched Criminal Minds from noon till 2 am this morning! haha.. That has been my favorite show for the longest {It also helps that Reid is played by Matthew Gray Gubler}, and I finally got my mom hooked on it a few months ago.
    What a bummer on the soup! I know I would have hated it. I mean, really, how can you get better than canned tomato soup?