Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday 9: #6

Welcome to Saturday: 9.
Theme: When We Was Fab

1. Is there a blog as far as its appearance goes that you think is the most fabulous?
Actually, there are quite a few..

2. Do you like the look and the contents of your blogs?
I'm okay with them. But if I were to ever have the chance (and finances) I know exactly what I'd prefer.

3. Have you ever thought what would happen to your blog in case you died?
No, it's never crossed my mind.. But it'd probably wither away.

4. Has any particular blogger had a great impact on how you set up and write your blog?
Not exactly on that sort of thing. I basically have decided what I'd write about .. without help. Although I am a big fan of The Mommy-Files!

5. Would you want a fellow blogger to give you suggestions or criticism of what you write?
Absolutely. That's the only way to improve.

6. Is the number of visitors each day to your blog important to you?
Not really, at times, I forget that people read my blog. Needless to say, I'd love more people to read it.

7. What percentage of your readers do you think actual comment?
Probably most of them - maybe 89%.

8. Do you have a favorite blogger who does the memes that you participate in?
The Mommy-Files

9. How often do you update your blog/site and why?
I haven't changed its appearance at all .. I don't want to mess it up.


  1. I try not to mess up my blog as well. Happy Saturday...

  2. Sometimes, if it ain't broke it ain't worth fixin'.

    Have a great Saturday.

  3. what would you like for your blog if you could have anything you have me intrigued

  4. Great answers... I love the colors of your blog, and I adore The Mommy-Files, too. She has been a big help to me!

  5. Blogger makes it relatively easy to set up a blog and just go, tweaking as you go along. I think your blog looks great.

    Who were the blogs that you really liked? (Question 1) I'd love to see them. :)