Monday, December 14, 2009

I found the Blogger Demon!

Wow! I really love entering giveaways! Even if I don't win, it's fun to enter. Yea, I'm wierd.. I actually like filling out the forms (sometimes).
This morning, I found a fantastic site that had almost 30 current giveaways!! And of course, I wanted to enter them!
I fill out the form with the required entry. Click Submit. No problem.
Fill out the form with the first second entry. Click Submit. BAMMM!
You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.
Uhg. Okay. No biggie, I'll just type a bit slower.
So I fill out the next extra entry:
You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.
And there that little booger is again!
Alright! Fine! I will type with my darn index fingers only, if it makes you happier.
I fill out the next extra entry (I love extra entries!!) and
You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.
Okay. Something has to be wrong here. By this point, I'm typing about 5 words in thirty seconds, which really is a longgg time in the typing world.
I'm tellin ya, this Demon hates me! Soo, what do I do? Give up the many, many giveaways that are still left to enter on this site or continue to type like a snail when I should be doing some homework? Ahh. Giveaways, how I love thee.
Of course I continued to enter the giveaways. It has taken me almost one entire hour to enter the giveaways! But, I like giveaways, they're fun to do and even better to win!
And as added by Mami2jcn, the Captcha codes are pretty evil, as well.
So, to the point. Have any of you found this Blogger Demon? Does it love aggrivate you as much as it does me? Are there any other Blogger Demons that I should know about?


  1. Yes, I've had that same problem. That little sucker and the captcha codes are the worst.

  2. Oh I hate the "you are posting too fast" comment - drives me nuts. It screws up my entering mojo LOL.

  3. I love hosting my giveaways with entry forms, but I loathe the Blogger Demon as well and don't want my readers frustrated.

    In the meantime, I resort to traditional frustration.. and offer more bonus entries, with captcha. ((blushes)) :o)