Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gatlinburg Trip - Christmas Parade

We're back from Gatlinburg! The trip was wonderful! The hotel room was comfy - dinner & breakfast were terrific, even the ride wasn't torturous. Unfortuantely, the pictures that I have are not quite so great - my phone doesn't take very good pictures, but here's what all I could get between Joshua's phone and mine. This balloon that these people are guiding is super gigantic and very pretty! (I would have been afraid to blow away.)
Joshua and I in front of a beautiful waterfall -- we didn't know it didn't show in the picture.
Almost everyone has an 'imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend' when they're younger -- Joshua's "first girlfriend" was Betty Boop! So here's a cute picture of Joshua & Betty.
And here's a picture of me with Joshua's ex. Obviously I'm not too thrilled about being so close to my competition. I've gotta hand it to her, she's pretty tough competition. :)
These guys looked so real.
Yeppers, it's Forest Gump!! (Ahh, it was freezing!)
This is Joshua, laying on the hotel bed.
I tried on a "pimp" hat -- didn't look too pimp, though.
I was trying to scare away the scary gorilla -- didn't work.
This was such a fantastic trip - and well needed. We had so much fun and although there aren't many pictures of the acutal parade -- it was all beautiful! I look forward to going again next year.

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