Friday, December 11, 2009

Crazy Cooking Experience And Tip

It's my dad's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Well, I decided that I'd make him his FAVORITE desert ever! (It's a fruit desert that his aunt use to make for him whenever he was younger) -- It includes a few different fruits, jello, and sour cream ;; nothing too hard - or so I thought.
I've made it twice before: once around last Christmas & once for Father's Day. This time, it was different...Somehow, I managed to make it terrible! I mean, close to unedible! Grosss! (I'm thinking that the sour cream was bad.) Yet, my dad still ate a few bites -- he's a great Daddy!
I suppose that tonight would have been a good night to have used Dinner in a Box by Destination Dinners! Destination Dinners are Recipe Kits that combine food, travel and beautiful design into an incredibly memorable gift. Maybe if I had one of these, I could have gotten everything right for desert! On the bright side, I was able to save the night by making Apple Dumplings and putting Vanilla ice cream on top of them! YUMM!
Either way, the Destination Dinners would have made things better!

Speaking of Destination Dinners, MomStart is having a giveaway for one! So, if you'd like to try one for yourself, head on over to MomStart & enter to win! CLICK HERE to enter! (12/28)

I did not receive any form of payment, recomendation or product for this post. All facts of this product have come from Destination Dinner's website. This post is for the enjoyment of my readers.

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