Friday, April 9, 2010

Tips to Blogging..

Recently, I've had number of people ask me for blogging tips. First off, I'm flattered - truly. I don't see myself as being a good enough blogger to ask questions to, as a matter of fact, I asked a blogging friend a question today about something that I didn't understand.

So, I'll give as best hints as I can, and from there - feel free to add some in comments that I may not have mentioned.

*Don't use CAPTCHA's. People find them annoying and tend to comment less. I'm guilty of not commenting sometimes due to CAPTCHA.

*Blog freely. Although many people say to watch what you blog about, I think it's important to also post about what you find interesting. Don't be afraid to mention politics. Now, I'm not saying to put down anyone or be offensive, but you can express your opinions in a mature way. I follower certain bloggers for the exact reason that they blog about crazy issues (even though I often do not agree).

*Write Consistantly. If you want your blog to do well, you have to stay pretty much on top of it. Don't go two weeks without writing anything at all.

*Comment others. People love comments, plain & simple. So if you comment them, they're more likely to check out your blog in return.

*Participate in daily memes. I, personally, participate in Aloha Friday & Saturday 9. These memes bring people to your blog and give you comments.

*Be honest! I cannot stress this enough. Especially if you host reviews. If you don't like something about a product, post the Good and the Bad. Don't tell your readers that a product was wonderful if you wouldn't buy it yourself.

*Post personal posts. Your blog should tell about you, not just companies. Include embarrassing moments, trips to the park, struggles you face, and obsitcles that you overcome. It's nice to get to know the blogger on more than just an "I liked this product" level.

*Be professional with your writing. Now, I'm not expecting everyone to know how to spell every word correctly - but that's why there's a Spell Check button in the posting section. :) Use Spell Check. d0N't tyP lyk dis, or like thiz, nd dnt right lyk thiz. Make sure to use propper grammer, correct punctuation, and avoid other typo errors (like mixing up there, their, and they're).

*Try to include pictures. Even if it's something simple, pictures do help. Once I'm on my own computer, I will update this post with a picture. :p

I really hope that this helps all of you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Also, if there's any tips that I missed, please post them below. :)

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