Sunday, April 4, 2010

Camping Trip

Oh yeah, that's right - Joshua and I went camping this weekend!
This camping trip was out first - and it was a success!!

I grilled pork chops, Joshua built a cozy fire, and we relaxed all weekend!

We did figure out that there are a few things that we'll be bringing next time that we did not include in this trip, but it was still awesome!!

Next time, we're going to even bring kayaks! That'll definitely be interesting - and a lot of fun!!

It was nice for us to get out and not have to worry about anything but each other. I do know one thing, we need more camping gear. We borred everything from a portable grill to a tent from our parents.

But it was worth it!!! :)

Trip to a theme park = too much, we've never been. (We both want to though!)
Going to the movies = $6 (for both of us, because we go to the inexpensive place).
Camping = Free; Few People; Relaxing; Gorgeous!!


  1. My husband nagged me into buying him a tent for his birthday, but I don't know...

  2. my husband is going camping this weekend. I am NOT going. LOL


  3. I love camping with my hubby. It is a cheap and amazingly relaxing thing to do on the weekend.