Saturday, February 6, 2010

No Stranger Sunday #4

Welcome to No Stranger Sunday, where every Sunday I will post an interview of a different blogger from around the blogsphere. Take the time, get to know these people. Visit their blogs.
This week's featured blogger is Jennifer from Eighty MPH Mom AND The Speedy Gormet! Jennifer is an amazing blogger! Not only that, she's also incredibly friendly (and super smart).. I call her my Blogging Webster. :)

Tell us a bit about yourself:
Do you live in a city or a more rural area?
I live in a city, but there is a lot of open space if we drive just a bit. Someday we hope to live in a more rural area!

Are you married? If so, how long?
I am married to a wonderful, wonderful man. This July will be our 15th wedding anniversary. We've been together for a total of 19 years.

Do you have children? If so, how many?
I have two children - a son who will be 20 in March, and a daughter who is 13. They are my world!

Any extra family members? (i.e. pets)
Four Cats - 3 indoor and 1 outdoor.

What food makes your mouth water, just thinking about it?
Italian food - Chicken Marsala and Chicken Piccata!

What is your favorite book?
Hmmm...unfortunately I haven't read a book in a really long time.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to hang out with my family, doing not much of anything, and if the weather is nice, I love to garden.

Tell us a bit about your blog:
Is there any certain reason that you named your blog what it is?
I named my blog Eighty MPH Mom, because that's how fast I feel like I am going most days. I also love to drive fast LOL

When did you start blogging?
November of 2008

What is something that you love about your blog?
I really love a new weekly meme I started called "Monday Mingle". We answer 3 questions via vlog, and link up on my blog. It is really fun to "see"' other bloggers!

Did you design your own blog? If not, who did?
Southern Girl Designs designed my blog initially - and I absolutely love it. I have made a few modifications.

Any topics that you really try not to blog about?
Politics...I think it's best to stay away from politics.

How many blogs do you currently use?
I have two blogs. My main blog, and my food blog, The Speedy Gourmet

Do you have any tips for other bloggers?
I would say to not be hasty. If you are contemplating posting something and you are not sure how receptive your readers will be, it's best to think about it for a day or two before posting. Sometimes it's tempting to post something in anger, but the next day you might just regret it.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the readers?
I love my readers so much, and their comments make me smile again and again. They have also made my blog what it is today. Thank you!
Jennifer, thank you so much for being a part of my meme! I've loved learning new things about you and I'm sure that both your readers (and mine) will enjoy this, as well! I also appreciate all of your tips that you've passed on to me in the last few months; it is because of you that I was able to contact companies and get a lift on my blog. Thank you so very much, Sweetheart!

And thank all of you for visiting this week's No Stranger Sunday! If you would like to be interviewed, feel free to visit the No Stranger Sunday link and sign up. :)


  1. Awww thank you for the wonderful feature and the kind words! I think YOU are the sweetheart!

    Thanks for featuring me!

  2. I love her!!!!! She's a great friend and I'm so excited to meet her at BlogHer this year!!! Great choice of bloggers to feature!

  3. Hi Jerrica,
    You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award...go to my blog and follow the instructions.
    I love your blog!

  4. Everyone loves Speedy! Jennifer is an awesome person and blogger. Her family is the best. We get to hear all about them. :)

  5. What a wonderful interview!! I totally agree with you, Jennifer is a total sweetheart :)

  6. Oh Jennifer. When I met her, you'd think we were long lost friends. She is friendly and so welcoming.

    I loved reading more about her.

    A wonderful interview indeed!

  7. I agree with everything that everyone said! Jen is wonderful and a truly sweet person. She is a true friend and fabulous blogger.
    I love everything about her and am glad that you featured her on your blog.