Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!!

As I've informed you all, my computer recently had a bug. If it were turned on for longer than a few moments, the screen slowly began to look like the Matrix! Green lines would come across the screen and then the screen would start to blank out, until it would finally freeze!
But curtesy of Joshua and his dad, the computer is back and ready to catch up!!
Uhg. Talk about frustrating.
I couldn't help but to wonder "Why couldn't this have happened before I began doing reviews that were sponsored?!"
I mean, before I began doing sponsored reviews, it wouldn't have been such a big deal. Other than enjoying being on the computer and blogging, I had no real responsibilities that caused me to need to be on the computer.
However, now I have a commitment. I now have loyal readers. I now work for companies. I have things that are important. People are expecting things from me.
Although it may sound odd, but I must admit it feels good to have a commitment such as blogging. I really enjoy it.
Thank you all for sticking around and keeping up with my blog. I never imagined that something like blogging could become such a big part of my life - but it has.
And don't forget that I currently have two very awesome (and delicious) giveaways.
Country Bob's Sauce (2 winners) 2/24
Also, be ready for some new giveaways that are coming up soon! They should be posted Sunday or Monday, so keep checking back for them.
One is from BeltsDirect and the other is Fairtytale Brownies!!

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