Monday, November 16, 2009

Update to: When Prizes Vanish

Last Monday I wrote a post called "When Prizes Vanish". It was about me winning a product from a fellow blogger and never receiving it.
After the second month of waiting for my prize, I went to the blog that I had "won" the blog from and went to the sponsor's site, clicked CONTACT US and told them about my delima.
It has now been about 3 business days and I have already been contacted by the sponsors. They have assured me that my winnings will be mailed to me today or tomorrow!
So, I would like to take this time to sincerely thank this company:

THANK YOU to The Young Scientists Club! You have gone completely out of your way to make sure that your customers are satisfied! I will certainly recommend many people to your site ( ) and to your products. Fellow bloggers can rest better knowing that there are still many businesses that are not just out there for money, but for US, as consumers, as well. Thank you again.


  1. OH My GOODNESS! Jerrica--I just received your fabulous box of goodies! Holy Cow! I seriously could have just put all that loot under the Christmas tree and saved it for my whole Christmas! What a ton of wonderful stuff. You're so great. I'll get yours to you asap as well. Still working on it. I'll post about it soon too. Thank you soooo much. I absolutely love all of it. You are so good at this Blog treat stuff. I'm lucky to have you as a partner. Sheesh! :]

  2. That's wonderful that the company worked it all out for you! I just love great customer service. :)