Sunday, November 22, 2009

Super Sunday!

Today was another great day! Joshua and I woke up but had no idea of what we were going to do today. It was one of those days that you already know you don't really want to just sit at the house all day doing nothing (although I do tend to enjoy those days).
So, we decided to drive out to Crossville. Hmm.. what to do?? Aha!! New Moon! We go to the theater, pay for our tickets and head off to get something to eat before the movie -- we're cheap-o's; hate paying $5.00 for a small bag of popcorn.
We finally settled on going to Ruby Tuesday's! Neither of us had ever eaten there before, so it would be something new.
We ordered..
Appetizers: Chicken Tenders & Mozzarella Sticks -- yumm!
His Meal: Parmesian Shrimp Pasta -- (I don't like seafood, but he said it was delicious.)
My Meal: Chicken Quesadilla -- super tasty!
The only bad side to our trip there was the garnishing. Under our appetizers, they placed a piece of lettuce (a large peice that went accross the entire plate). No big deal, kind of cute.. Except for the fact that the lettuce was darker than Joshua's Dr. Pepper!! Yuck! I couldn't really believe that they had even placed it on the plate... It would have looked much better without it. But either way, food was still incredible!
Then, off to New Moon! Holy cow! Good thing we got to the theater with about 15 minutes to spare before the movie -- the theater was already packed! We managed to find two seats in the middle of the theater. I'd rather sit in the back, but it wasn't really an option tonight. And I'd much rather sit in the middle than the very lower front part. Pheww, made it just in time.. after we got our seats, not even thirty seconds later, about 10 more people came in.. then more, and more. WHOA! Sure was glad that we hadn't tried seeing the Midnight Showing the other night.
Suprisingly, once the movie started, everyone was quiet (that's very odd considering how large the crowd was).. But I was certainly fine with it.
The movie was great! Better than I'd thought it would be. I, for one, am a Twilight Sage Freak.. But being that I loved the books, I didn't think the movies would be too great -- they've been better than I had anticipated. I already cannot wait for Eclipse. I must give the actors / actresses credit, they all play their parts incredibly well.
Today was most definitely a Super Sunday!!

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