Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HELP - Google Page Rank!!

In order to get some of the best products for you, my readers, I am required a certain Google Rank. Here's my big problem, I don't know how to get a Google Page Rank!!
How do I get my blog to have a GOOD Google Page Rank?? PLEASE HELP!

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  1. Girl, everyone wants a good page rank but nobody exactly knows how to get a good one. Google is updating only every 6 months or so now (which stinks for us bloggers). However, I can say that you should be posting more often and trying to get more traffic. I mean advertise your giveaways when you have them on other sites. Also, try to post as often as possible. Are you tracking your visitors or keeping track of other ranks (like Alexa)? There are companies out there that will work with blogs with little or no rank, but you need to try to build up other numbers (such as visitors per month and readers) in the mean time. : ) Does that help?