Thursday, October 29, 2009


Last night, Joshua and I were on our way to his house. .. Little did we know that the store by his house had just gotten their gravel drive-way / parking lot re-graveled! All along the road were little bity pebbles, which I didn't see until we were already starting around the curve!
We started to drift around the corner, unfortunately, I'm not a racecar driver... We hit the bank on the left side of the road, slammed each side of the car, and were stopped on the right side of the road after a few terrible twists & turns! We got out of the car to make sure everything was okay.
Joshua spent little to not time worrying about his own emotions, and right away started trying to calm me down.. It worked, I was calm in no time..Until..
... Drip, Drip, Drip! I freak out, assuming it's a gas leak (it was leaking right near the gas tank).. it was just a few gallons of water that were in the back of the trunk leaking out. "Oh Crap!!" My college books were in the trunk, which was now totally soaken wet!!
"SCREEEECCHHHH!!" A jacked up 4x4 truck, skiddding, about to do exactly as we did -- coming right toward Joshua!!! I screamed for him to move! As Joshua turned to look at the truck, the driver of the truck somehow managed to straighten out his wheels and kept on going.
As for the poor Saturn.. Only a few bumps and bruises on it. Scratches. The right rim is bent from the impact.
But Joshua and I are fine. We were both a little shaken up, but fine & dandy. Except that we have to buy a new rim now.


  1. Hey you are the winner of my Pepper Spray Store GiveAway i just need you to email your shipping information so I can get it to the company thanks and congrats!!!

  2. That's really scary! I'm glad it didn't end in something far worse!