Monday, May 3, 2010

Make-Over Time!

A Blog to Brag About
Yepp, that's right - Something To Talk About has received it's first make-over since the first week I started (July 2009)!!!
Curtesy of Jessica from A Blog To Brag About, I was able to get a nice new look.. free!!

If you like my new layout, go check out her Portfolio and see if there's anything else that interests you..
She has great Prices on Packages and awesome prices for Particular Elements of a blog, as well!

Thanks so much, Jessica! I really love the new layout - my blog seems so much more -- bloggishly modern? :) I love it!!!


  1. It's cute, fresh and modern. But, am I the only one that, when scrolling up, sees it like it's a countertop with a sink in the middle? I think it is supposed to look like an area rug with your chair and ottoman, but it kind of resembles a sink. Still cute!

  2. LOL Kathy, I thought the same thing!! I like it though. Very pretty colors!!!