Thursday, August 6, 2009

In the morning...

Well, in the morning, I have to go out to the vocational campus (where I'll be taking my first semester's classes for college)... I still don't really know exactly what day I start school.
And yes, I've tried to call Chatt State to ask what day is the first day of school, but the waiting time to get ahold of a real person, rather than the voice recording thing, is over an hour long! Pheww! I just don't have the attention span, nor the free time to sit there and wait for over an hour just so that someone can answer my question in 15 seconds.
So, in the morning, I'm going to go ahead on down there and ask in person.. Even with driving time, it'll be faster.. Although I'll probably make a few other stops along the way, it'll be worth the drive.


  1. good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog and entering a great contest

  2. Good luck with finding out what day college starts. Does Chatt State have a website that would have that info on it?

    Stop back tomorrow evening, when I'll announce the winner of my Chicken Soup for the Soul book giveaway.