Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Brother 11

My-oh-my, who doesn't enjoy watching this show? I know that I certainly love it. It was the first reality tv show that I've actually tried my very best to see every single showing that comes on of it (except re-runs.. I'm not that terrible). You can never really be certain about what's going to happen next on the show because things in that house change as quickly as they happen.
I, for one, can personally say that I'm glad to see Ronnie & Jesse out of the house. I didn't care much for either of them; neither one really seemed to be "real" in my opinion.. But then again, I suppose that that's what helps to make the show what it is.
However, I have a friend (you can follow him on twitter @jonacoca --> he's awesome) that would completely disagree with me about Ronnie & Jesse.. He was actually hoping for either of them to win.
Now, on to another note about Big Brother 11.. Jeff & Jordan! Oh my goodness, these two are completely adorable together. They hit it off from the beginning of the show & they're still there for eachother. I mean, seriously.. Jordan is so fun-loving, adorable, & naturally beautiful. And Jeff if handsome, sweet, and caring. They both came into this game a little unknowing, but it seems to me that no matter who wins or loses, these two just may leave hand in hand!
So, anyone else enjoy Big Brother 11? Have any hopes for a certain someone to walk out of the Big Brother House with 500K? Or anyone that you're hoping will get nominated to be put onto the block & go home?

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