Thursday, June 10, 2010 Review

I don’t know about you, but I love to have a good purse. Although I am not a purse-aholic, I am quite picky. I’ve actually had the exact same purse since my freshman year (that’s over four years!!). Needless to say, the inside is not holding up very well anymore; there are holes in the bottom, and I tend to lose things more often than I should. However, this is not the case anymore.
Now, I have the Photo “Brag Bag” Purse from I love this purse – honest. When I took it to show my mom, she could not believe that I actually found a purse that I was willing to trade my old one in on!

I have not yet found enough pictures to put in the picture spaces, but I do have a few.

About the Company: began in February 2006 and we strive to help you celebrate Moms, Mothers, and Motherhood. Moms lay the foundation of their children's lives and hold the world in their hands, so to speak, because they help to establish their children's sense of character, concern for others, morality, and so on. No other role is more influential! helps you give back to your Mom and thank her for all she has done and continues to do for you! We offer a great collection of gifts just for Moms, gifts that will help your Mom know how important and loved she is. All employees at are mothers; we know what moms want: personalized, pampering gifts that show loving thought and concern.
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Let’s face it, purses are pretty darn important. It helps to allow a woman to be a woman. We’re able to carry everything from our over-sized wallets to make-up to feminine products all in our purse. Nobody knows what’s inside except for us… Sometimes, I even carry food; no, I’m not talking about a piece of gum, I mean FOOD!

Thanks to, I was able to finally retire my old purse and feel comfortable with my new one. I really like being able to “brag” with the pictures that I have in the sides of my purse – pictures of me with my parents, sister, and a few friends. I’ve already received compliments on it and have only had it for almost two weeks.

Be sure to take a look at, as they have all sorts of great items that you can gift to someone, or snag for yourself.
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So, there are plenty of options to find that perfect item for that certain someone.


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  2. Looks like a great purse.

    Do you have a list of typical dorm things a first time college student going away would need?