Friday, July 10, 2009

Small Trip to Heaven

Okay, so I just got home from a well neeved drive. I felt like I deserved a small ride without much noise. So I simply drove up to the store to get a little snack and relax in the local store (there's a little seating area where most of the older folks gather; a lot of older adorable couples) :]
But me-oh-my, I'd nearly forgotten how much I love snacky foods. I don't typically get them too much anymore, it's all about healthy foods for our little family.

Well, to the point, I bought an Almond Joy, Mountain Dew, and a bag of Funyuns. I thought I would just take small bites in order to make it last longer. I took myfirst bit of that Almond Joy and... YAWZAZ!!! It was beyond delicious. I think that I finished all three (the Almond Joy, Mountain Dew, and Funyuns) in less than five minutes. It was absolutely terrific.

Ahh, how I love something salty (Funyuns) right after I've had something sweet (Almond Joy) and a nice cold drink to go with it.


  1. awewsome snacks..I LOVE me some almond joy lol

    I don't eat junkfood too often though

    Btw, sorry you are still entering shannon's giveaway on mommy-files..she ended it:(
    hope you see this before you keep posting comments lol

    Just a heads up:) will you follow me! I'm your 2nd follower lol
    I only have 24 now and got 4 of those 2nite from shannon's live giveaway lol

    I'll be back soon to visit your blog-I have a giveaway next weeK!!:) my 1st!!

  2. haha dang you're fast!! lol

    I just got the email saying you had commented on my blog, but I was already commenting here on yours haha!!!!