Saturday, July 11, 2009


So I've been in need of learning how to drive a 5-speed manual. We own two trucks and one car, the car is the 5-speed. But living up here on the mountain, a trip to town in the trucks cost way too much.
Well yesterday my mom said that she didn't mind teaching me. So we went up to an empty parking lot and Mama handed me the keys.
I got in, started it up, went to go... STAULED! I did this about five times, by this time, I'm thinking to myself, there's no way that I'm ever going to get this right. I tried again and again.. STAULED!
Feeling a little defeated already, I turned the car off. I took a drink of Coca-Cola, looked around at the car and BAM!! I noticed what was causing me to staul... The car was in third gear! I couldn't believe it. My mom and I both laughed at my not so wonderful attempts at taking off in third gear.
After we calmed down a bit, Mama said I should try again. I did. I pushed in the clutch, slowly let off the brake and WAHLA! I drove.
The parking lot wasn't very big, but after doing a few circles (I felt like it was my first time driving again) I finally made it to second gear! Mama rode around in that parking lot with me for about thirty minutes or so, teaching me the need-to-know facts and preparing me for driving on the road. I finally felt comfortable enough and drove all the way home!
It was nice, Mama and I had some good talks and quality time together while she taught me how to drive that little 5-speed.
My mom is such an inspiration to me, she's really fantastic! I can only hope that one day my kids will think I'm as good of a mom as she is to me.


  1. so nice that you have a great relationship and there is nothing more bonding than spending time like you described!

  2. I used to drive a manual but could not handle stopping while on an incline... Make sure someone teaches you that being that you live up on a mountain and all. :) Hopefully they will be a better teacher than my uncle, or my mom, or my boyfriend at the time. All of whom tried to teach me how to do so without either stalling or running into the person behind me and failed...
    I simply just stayed away from hills. Made for some pretty long detours though. :)

    (Thanks for the "must have" title on my button - you are so sweet!)