Tuesday, December 13, 2011

EdenFantasys.com Review - SHOWER TIME!


I don't know about you, but some nights, I just want to enjoy a hot shower with my sweet husband. And really, who hasn't wanted to do the same thing with their husband/wife? It's relaxing and sexy - all rolled into one, steamy shower.

And Joshua, well, he's a good sport about it.. He says that he loves getting showers with me too.. until it comes to standing on the cold side of the shower, with no hot water. You see, I'm a water hog. I don't mean to be, it just happens. I mean, who really wants to get out from under that nice warm water to stand in the cold? I try to share, it just doesn't always work too well.

So, when given the opportunity to review an item from EdenFantasys.com, I already knew exactly what I wanted - the Sex in the Shower Dual Shower Head! I don't know if I could have found a more perfect item for us!

The day I received the package Josh was at work, so I decided to get everything all hooked up before he got home - a little surprise for when he was ready for a shower. Boy-oh-boy was I right to think it would surprise him! He got the shower started and quickly realized that our old shower head had been replaced with a dual shower head!

Our biggest concern was that with the new shower heads that our water pressure would get worse, which it was already pretty bad. But in complete honesty, I think that our water pressure seemed to be even stronger with the new shower head. This could be because our old shower head was clogged (especially considereing that we live in an apartment and there's no telling when the last one had been cleaned out) but regardless, with our new dual shower head, the water pressure seemed to be perfect!

On each of the shower heads, there is a push/slide button. This is what allows you to change the different stream options on the heads. The Sex in the Shower Dual Shower Head has three different stream options: a basic stream, a jet stream, and one that is in the middle. Without a doubt, my favorite is the jet stream! Josh, on the other hand, preferred the one in the middle.

There was only one thing that we did not particularly care for which was the fact that you have to use both heads at once. There is not way to turn off one head while leaving the other on. I wish that there was, kind of. But I must admit that even though I do not exactly prefer it being this way, I do not mind it either. Now, even when I'm taking a shower alone, I don't have to get cold. I point one shower head on my head and the other on my back or legs: keeps me warm all over!

Overall, Joshua and I really have enjoyed the Sex in the Shower Dual Shower Head over the past week or two. It has truly made our showers together even more enjoyable, especially for Josh (now he doesn't have to freeze!!).

Be sure that you check out all of the many items that EdenFantasys.com has to offer for couples, singles, and anything in between.

I receieved the Sex in the Shower Dual Shower Head free of cost in order to do my review. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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